D.J.B. Continuous Gutters

DJB Continuous Gutters Gutter installation & Repair

I Daniel Bacon had a dream, to one day start a business that was built on the same qualities and morals that I was raised to follow by my parents, to be set apart in warranty and quality, to one day combine all the knowledge and wisdom that I had picked up from my parents and previous employers and in turn start my own company.

Growing up doing many types of construction I have seen many things that made me think and wonder, if I owned this company how could I make it with better quality and with more efficiency.

I have been installing gutters since 1999, and started my own company in 2004 with an idea that if you treat your customer the way you would like to be treated it will come back to you (reciprocity). Honesty and integrity are my number one goals as a business owner and along with my beautiful wife and amazing kids and my faith we together are building a locally owned company that will impact our community by showing that you can get the best job possible at a reasonable price, with a 3 year warranty that actually is followed.

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